XVII – WIP Cult Operative #2

I’m really motivated by this little project, in tandem with emerging Necromunda rules that seem to allow for a bit of room for designing one’s own gang.  I’m still deciding on the fluff side of things behind this lot, but here’s number two, who will be painted off-base as I’ve learned from my mistakes…

Pistol and knife to mimic her sister, as I plan to have the two flanking an Inquisitrix/Trader of some sort – TBC!



XVI: Cultist

Brushes down on the cultist, and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed.  I tried a few new-ish techniques and stylistic flavours in an attempt to depart from my old, more haphazard, basecoat and wash style, and I’m pleased with how it came out.  I always used to end up with perfectly neat paintjobs, sure, but the reliance on washes (particularly citadel ones) ended up matte-ing everything to buggery and my minis have tended to look a bit lifeless.  So, I tried to inject a bit of vibrancy into the colours with some extra work, especially the metallics and the fabrics.  On to the next member of her crew!



XIV: WIP Cult Operative

I’ve fallen foul of a serious loss of hobby mojo, of late.  A few conversion false starts/rage-quits followed by a few paint-job false starts/rage-quits and I decided to pack the stuff away and wait until inspiration struck again.  That, and moving house meant I had a good excuse to take stock and reconfigure my wares on the other side of a journey up the M6 to Manchester.  Whenever this happens, which is thankfully rare, I get back to the lore, the books and the fluff and bathe myself in the imagery.  I’m really enjoying the rich vein of early-ish Horus Heresy novels; Legion and Mechanicum have been particularly well received.

Anyway, true to form, it came back, in the form of a desire to build some heroes/heroines of questionable intent, quite probably flavoured by the super cool Dark Mechanicus stuff in Mechanicum.  So, here’s my stab at a Cult Operative.  Which cult?  I haven’t decided, hence the vanilla description.  Doesn’t a decent camera phone go a hell of a long way!



XIII: TR-2GA Pirates – Squat Op V; Hobo with a Shotgun

It’s been a fair while, and in and amongst Easter jollies I managed a bit of Warhammer and Chill.  Squat Op V sees this little gang done for now – there he is in the beret, hidden behind ones I gave a bit more care to.

Otherwise, I cobbled together Hobo with a Shotgun as an NPC for the aforementioned Necromunda-style bash and tried to give him a simple, drained, wash-focussed, paint job in an attempt to let a zenithal undercoat do most of the heavy lifting.  Finally, a little bit of tinkering lead to me throwing a Blightking together as I’ve wanted to paint one for donkeys, so we’ll see where that goes.


XII: TR-2GA Pirates – Squat Op IV

Slowly but surely, I’m getting there with my wee home-brew Necromunda gang.  I’ve spent next to no time at the Hobby Desk lately for one reason or another, but I managed to flick around some paint with this guy this weekend – Squat Op IV of my soft target of five.  Again, I’ve gone for time-effective grimdank, grimdustrial, grainy and grubby – I’m not thinking/worrying too much about the finished article, which is a welcome departure from past perfectionism that got me nowhere, to be brutally honest.  I’ve thrown in a little pic of the gang there, too, in their mini-arium, for the craic.



XI: WIP Squat Operative IV; Gun-4-Hyre

A lightning quick hobby session produced these two – a fourth Squat-Op for my fledgling gang, and a generic gunslinger/mutie, who has since had some green stuff dangly scrolls added.  I’ve been wanting to use a ghoul head on a guardsman of some kind ever since seeing JRN’s inspiring effort.  I want to keep his colour scheme as dark as possible by using black/dark sea blue in every aspect for extra grimdankness.